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The city of Yazd in Iran has long been known as the textile hub of the country.
The experience of several decades of the company’s founders in the field of production of various fabrics is well-known, Yukabed Company was established in 1996 as a special joint stock company in Yazd …

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Jochebed Products

Knitted Fabric

This fabric includes a wide range of fabrics, which include the characteristics of this fabric to be elastic, soft, soft and …. The knitted fabric is placed in the category of circular knitting, weaving, which is woven by simple one-sided, simple two-sided machines, transfer, etc.

Woven Fabric

One of the features of this fabric is its high strength. Blur fabrics are used in the furniture, clothing, etc. industries. Woven fabrics are divided into three categories in terms of creating designs on the fabric: Cam, dub and jacquard are divided, of which jacquard is the most complete type.

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