Jochebed Knitting Factory

The city of Yazd in Iran has always been known as the center of the  country textile industry since ancient times.  

The experience of several decades of the company founders in the field of  producing a variety of fabrics is famous . 

Jochebed company was established in 1996 as a special joint stock  company in Yazd.


Jochebed started to purchase new machineries gradually from 1996 until  2010 and now its factory is equipped with update equipment. 

After more than three decades of continuous successful activity and  experience, Jochebed is now one of the top and reputable companies in  the textile industry field in Iran.  

Product quality, keeping up with the latest market technology and  customer orientation and satisfaction are the priorities of the company managers. 

One of the most important competitive advantages of this company, along  with product quality, is the ability to create different designs and  producing variety of textile stuff such as weaving fabric and knitting  cloth. 

The increasing development of the sales and product market, as well as  the optimal relationship with reputable global companies in various fields  are the main visions and goals of this company.

Textile machines of Yazd Jochebed company
  • Up-to-date And European Machines
  • Unique Design
  • Competitive Price
  • Variety of Products
  • More Than 600 Updated Designs
  • More Than 100 Satisfied Customers
  • More Than a Century of Experience
  • More Than 30 Registered And Proprietary Designs
  • More Than 15 Proprietary Design Methods
  • More Than 900 Successful Contracts